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It is estimated that well over two million academic papers are published each year and there are countless more university lectures. Who is accessing this knowledge? Academics within the same disciplines and their students. Why should it only be them? We couldn't think of a good reason either!

The mission of Know it Wall (KiW) is to take the research that is going on at top universities and present it to the general public in an accessible and engaging way. At KiW, you will find audio and video documentaries, as well as short articles, about the latest research in the humanities and sciences — all written by academics actively doing research in those fields.

How does it work?

Academics send us an article of about 1000 words and we make sure it is delivered in a language that is accessible for the general public. We then turn their article into a short documentary (in audio, video or both), and release the documentary and the article on this website as well as on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and Medium.

Meet the team

Know it wall is run by a team of volunteers passionate about making academic research more accessible. Each contributes to Know it Wall in their own way, be it via their expertise in writing, audio production, video production, programming, design, and of course enthusiasm about public engagement.

Aga Rzesniowiecka

Lead designer

Amanda Alfaro Cordoba

Filmmaking coordinator

Angus Waite

Editor and co-founder

Chloe Lee

Editing and social media

Christina Picken

Project manager

Hannah Ruschen


Helena Schöb

Editing team lead

Jeremie Coullon

Programmer and co-founder

Lavinia Bianchi


Margaret Gray


Miguel Dos Santos


Naveen Morris


Tarik Haiga


Vidish Athavale

Audio producer

Flash Seminars

Flash Seminars are one-off discussions that bring the people of London together to explore thought-provoking topics featured on Know it Wall. Anyone is welcome to come and join the discussion (it's free!), which is led by an academic who is a leader in the topic of the Flash Seminar.

Previous Session:

The migrant crisis: have we seen this before?

Author_images/Alexander Samson/author_Alexander_Samson_QR6F0Dk.png

Feb. 7, 2017, 7 p.m.

Jeremy Bentham Pub, WC1E 6JL

The general public has been debating immigration and the current refugee crisis with seemingly modern notions of economics, identity, and conflict, but is this debate really so modern? UCL historian Alexander Samson doesn't think so. In this flash seminar, you are invited to both learn and discuss the notion of borders, and the human right to move freely around the globe.