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by Tim Blackburn

Did you know that the introduction of new species to alien habitats has been the main cause of species extinction over the past 500 years? That’s right — it’s even worse than habitat destruction.

Follow Simon Hoyte into the rainforests of Cameroon, where the researcher and his colleagues from the Zoological Society of London are working with locals to create an app that reports wildlife crime and protects endangered species.

by Laura Martin-Coll and Siamak Redhai

Who needs guinea pigs when you've got fruit flies? Laura Martin-Coll and Siamak Redhai explain the incredible usefulness of Drosophilia melanogaster to medical research.

by Simon Schoeller

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it may soon be possible for medical ‘micro-robots’ to swim through the human body and deposit drugs with amazing accuracy. To do this, we first need to understand how they might swim. The ...

by JohnJoe Mcfadden

The extraordinary complexity of life has puzzled scientists for a long time. But underneath the apparent randomness of life lies a deeply rooted order at the quantum scale. Geneticist Johnjoe McFadden takes us to the world where biology meets quantum ...

by Davide Danovi

We normally think cells in our body have their own specific functions, but stem cells are different — they have the potential to become any type of cell. Davide Danovi takes us through the science of stem cells, and introduces ...

by Michela Mazzon

With the latest panic on Ebola melting away, it seems another feared disease has been contained and controlled. But why is it that, after all of our advance in medicine, we still rely on containment rather than cures? Michela Mazzon ...

Stegosaurus is one of the most easily recognizable dinosaurs, in part due to the plates and spikes on its back and tail. But their function remains a bit of a mystery — or so Susannah Maidment tells us.