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In this article, Dina Ibrahim presents some cutting-edge innovations surrounding electrochemical energy conversion and the variety of storage devices needed for a greener future.

In this article, Oscar Williams surveys the fascinating evolution of surface science technologies and explains how they can transform the future of our energy systems.

There’s so much yet to be understood about the cells that make up our own bodies. Martin Knight talks us through one aspect of them, the Primary cilia, where potentially life changing discoveries are being made.

Matthew Dyson imagines a world in which electronics can be printed like newspapers, rolled out like wallpaper, and attached to the back of our hands, sending immediate medical information to wireless networks. How does this all work, and what challenges ...

Warfare has given rise to an invisible killer, one that was first discovered in World War I, attacking soldiers even after they had returned home to their families. Historian of science Emily Mayhew takes us to Paris in the early ...

Stable telecommunications are the basis of today’s digital infrastructures, but electromagnetic ‘noise’ can often interfere. Neil Alford explains how the MASER developed by him and his team tackles this problem and holds many exciting possibilities.